Kris Welkenhuysen

Senior Geologist
GeoEnergy & Geothermal Energy

                             +32 2 788 7654


Kris Welkenhuysen obtained his Master in geology in 2006 and PhD in geology in 2017, both at KU Leuven. He has been working at the RBINS-GSB since 2007. Kris leads the GeoEnergy team and is the current lead expert regarding techno-economic simulation of geo-energy applications at the GSB, as well as the main developer of the PSS suite.


Techno-economic simulation and forecasting for geo-energy applications, Geological storage capacity assessments Flexibility and uncertainties in geo-energy projects, Cenozoic stratigraphy of Belgium, PSS development and application

Research group

Research interests

  • Geo-energy
  • CO2 capture, transport and geological storage (CCS)
  • CO2-enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR)
  • Geothermal energy
  • Subsurface energy storage
  • Techno-economic simulation
  • Environmental monitoring

Key publications

Barros, R., Defourny, A., Collignon, A., Jobé, P., Dassargues, A., Piessens, K. & Welkenhuysen, K., 2021. A review of the geology and origin of CO2 in mineral water springs in east Belgium. Geologica Belgica, 24 (1-2). ISSN 1374-8505 IF2019 0.870

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Welkenhuysen, K., Brüstle, A.-K., Bottig, M., Ramírez, A., Swennen, R. & Piessens, K., 2016. A techno-economic approach for capacity assessment and ranking of potential options for geological storage of CO2 in Austria. Geologica Belgica, 19 (3-4), p.237-249. ISSN 1374-8505 IF2016 0.739

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