Decision Support under Uncertainty for Geothermal Applications


Total budget: €1,000,217

Duration: 2019-2024

Point of contact: Kris Welkenhuysen


The DESIGNATE project targets geothermal applications that extract heat from deep reservoirs or from abandoned mines for heating or for the co-generation of heat and electricity. The uncertainties associated with deep and unconventional resources are much larger than for shallow or conventional ones. In addition, uncertainty about the geological properties results in financial risks, inhibiting investments in deep geothermal projects. DESIGNATE aims to create interdisciplinary assessment tools to evaluate possible future scenarios under uncertainty for geothermal systems in Belgium, and to set-up a methodological framework for territorial Life Cycle Assessments considering surface and subsurface impacts. The developed tools will allow for incorporating uncertainties in integrated geological, techno-economic and environmental assessments, leading to a better understanding of the available geothermal resources, their potential for application and their influence on other activities, the economy and the environment.