Geological Survey
of Belgium

Created in 1896, the Geological Survey of Belgium (GSB) is a key geological and mineralogical research centre developing both applied and fundamental research approaches. It is also an independent, non-commercial provider of geoscientific services. These services are oriented towards local, regional, federal, European and international authorities, as well as researchers of institutions/universities and research groups, private companies, NGO’s and citizens.

GSB in the media

Virtual field trips

Following the Lesse river through the Caves of Han with geologist Sophie Verheyden.

In this field trip, you will learn about karst and groundwater-river systems’ dynamics.

Exploring the relationship between geology and society through quarries in Wallonia with geologists Serge Delaby and Yves Quinif.

In this field trip, you will learn what different facies of limestone can tell us about past environments, and how the way humanity extracts and uses these rocks changed over the centuries.

Research & Innovation

Geological information

An application dedicated to the exploration of the subsoil of the Brussels Capital region
WebGIS platform dedicated to the management and sharing of data and maps available at the Geological Survey of Belgium in collaboration with the collection service of RBINS