Our research axes

BE.Geology: Serving Society

To help society to use its natural resources responsibly, manage environmental change and be resilient to hazards.


To develop an onshore-offshore multiscale geological model of Belgium, as well as expertise for modelling & presentation of geological information

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To create innovative sedimentological, survey and monitoring tools: a continuous challenge in support of geoscience research

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Contribute to a sustainable supply in raw materials for green energies and industries: a challenge for the future growth of the EU

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To become the Belgian knowledge centre on geodiversity and promote geodiversity as the silent partner of biodiversity: a challenge for the preservation of Belgium’s geoheritage under natural and anthropogenic increased pressure

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Providing a geoscience knowledge base to develop sustainable solutions in support of increasing societal resilience to geohazards and climate change

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Advancing existing and introducing new sustainable subsurface solutions for a decarbonised future and define sustainable management strategies

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