Research Fields

Develop new multidisciplinary geoscientific toolboxes and for studying rocks, soft sediment, air and water

Development of  field and lab equipment.
LIBS, FT-IR, MS, XRF, Raman, SEM-EDS/WDS, Temp, CO2, XRD, environmental DNA, etc.

Deploying and combining multi-disciplinary techniques during fieldwork activities

Ground and drone-based photogrammetry combined with geophysical and geochemical surveys, development of new geodetic instrumentations for monitoring ground deformations.
CR’s/GNSS, levelling

Applying innovative techniques on geological collections to valorise, digitalise and explore new research applications

Acquisition of new digital data on our geological collections.
Geochemical and geophysical rock parameters, virtual thin sections, high-resolution digital 3D models, etc.

Externally funded research projects