Screening Critical Raw Materials from Exploration to (post)Beneficiation using New LIBS techniques

BELSPO BRAIN-be 2.0 project

Total budget: €1,024,594

Duration: 2020-2024

Point of contact: Christian Burlet


LIBS-SCReeN is devoted to the optimization and application of Laser-induced break-down Spectroscopy (LIBS) techniques for multiscale detection and characterization of Critical Raw Materials (CRM), with emphasis on the Belgian lead-zinc deposits. This type of mineralization is known worldwide to potentially host germanium, gallium, indium and cadmium. In Belgium we know the potential for germanium. Conversely, mining and processing activities linked to Pb and Zn can contaminate the environment. Cd is a major contaminant of soils in Belgium. Moreover, the project will strengthen Belgium’s expertise in LIBS, which is currently dispersed among federal institutions and universities. Creating a Belgian LIBS research cluster will be of added value.