Estelle Petitclerc

Senior Geologist
Geothermal Energy

                      +32 2 788 7655


Estelle Petitclerc is a geologist who joined the Geological Survey of Belgium in 2005 where she currently oversees geothermal-related projects at GSB. She is mainly involved in geothermal potential assessments and mapping, geothermal exploration, geo-economic modelling and on thermal characterization of Belgian rocks for optimising shallow geothermal application.


Geothermal energy, Geological exploration, Underground characterisation, Thermal and magnetic rock properties

Research group

Research interests

  • Shallow and deep geothermal energy
  • Climate change
  • Regional geology
  • Geophysics

Key publications

Parkes, D., Busby, J., Kemp, S.J., Petitclerc, E. & Mounteney, I., 2020. The thermal properties of the Mercia Mudstone Group. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 54, qjegh2020-098

Compernolle, T., Welkenhuysen, K., Petitclerc, E., Maes, D. & Piessens, K., 2019. The impact of policy measures on profitability and risk in geothermal energy investments. Energy Economics 84, 104524

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Hoes, H., Petitclerc, E, Declercq, P-Y. & Laenen, B., 2013. Geothermal Energy Use, country update for Belgium. Proceedings CUR-04, EGC2013 (European Geothermal Conference), 3rd -7th June, Pisa.

Licour, L., Goderniaux, P., Dupont, N., Hennebert, M., Swennen, R., Steemans, P., Boulvain, F., Petitclerc, E., Rorive, A. & Baele, J-M., 2020. Stratigraphical reinterpretation of Devonian strata underlying the Mons Basin based on cuttings from the Saint-Ghislain borehole, Hainaut, Belgium. Geologica Belgica 23/1-2, 29-39

Loveless, S., Hoes, H., Petitclerc, E., Licour, L. & Laenen, B., 2015. Country Update for Belgium. Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2015, Melbourne, Australia, 6 p.

Petitclerc, E., Welkenhuysen, K., Van Passel, S., Piessens, K., Maes, D. & Compernolle, T., 2017. Towards geological-economic modelling to improve evaluating policy instruments for geothermal energy – Case study for Belgium (Campine Basin). European Geologist, 43, 10-15. ISSN 1028-267X (international, peer-reviewed, non-impact factor)

Petitclerc, E., Laenen, B., Lagrou, D. & Hoes, H., 2016. Geothermal Energy use, Country Update for Belgium. European Geothermal Congress 2016, Strasbourg, France, 19-24/09/2016, 9p.

Petitclerc, E. & Vanbrabant, Y., 2011. Geothermal Platform of Wallonia: final report

Petitclerc, E., Vanbrabant, Y., Declercq, P.-Y. & Goemaere, E., 2012. Geothermal resources assessment methodology in Wallonia (Belgium). In: 4th International Geologica Belgica Meeting 2012. Moving Plates and Melting Icecaps – Processes and Forcing Factors in Geology. Brussels 11-14/09/12. Geologica Belgica International Meeting, Abstract Book: 253


Other activities

Research Network for Including Geothermal Technologies into Decarbonized Heating and Cooling Grids

EU COST Action, CA18219, 2019-2023
Role: participant

Assessment of Low Carbon Society Policy Instruments

BRAIN-be, 2014-2017
Role: partner. Geo-Economic modelling, evaluation of potential policy measures for geothermal sector in Belgium.

Thermal characterization of Belgian subsoil for optimising geothermal application

Federal funding, 2013-2014
Role: coordinator, measurements of thermal properties and mineralogy analyses of rock cores samples from the RBINS collections.

Mapping the EU very shallow geothermal potential (<10m)

EU ICT-PSP, 2009-2014
Role: Partner, very shallow geothermal potential mapping for the Belgian test areas (Liège and Gent)

Deep geothermal potential assessment in Wallonia

SPW DG04, 2010-2011
Roles: Deep drillings reinterpretation, deep geological structure of the Walloon underground, mapping activities: medium and deep geothermal interest zones in Wallonia, geothermometry analysis in Liege area, Belgian seismic data re-interpretation (Liege, Famenne, Hainaut surveys).

Communication and Dissemination

Presentation at the European Shallow Geothermal Days: Why and how does Shallow Geothermal Energy work at Brussels?