Estelle Petitclerc

Senior Geologist
Geothermal Energy

                      +32 2 788 7655


Estelle Petitclerc is a geologist who joined the Geological Survey of Belgium in 2005 where she currently oversees geothermal-related projects at GSB. She is mainly involved in geothermal potential assessments and mapping, geothermal exploration, geo-economic modelling and on thermal characterization of Belgian rocks for optimising shallow geothermal application.


Geothermal energy, Geological exploration, Underground characterisation, Thermal and magnetic rock properties

Research group

Research interests

  • Shallow and deep geothermal energy
  • Climate change
  • Regional geology
  • Geophysics

Key publications

Parkes, D., Busby, J., Kemp, S.J., Petitclerc, E. & Mounteney, I., 2020. The thermal properties of the Mercia Mudstone Group. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology 54, qjegh2020-098

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Evaluation of Cambrian Geothermal potential with focus on Public buildings

BELSPO BRAIN-be 2.0, 2020-2023
Roles: Coordination of the project, WP leader of geological and hydrogeological exploration (Cambrian rocks characterization for geothermal purpose, hydrogeological properties, geophysics) with 3 cases-studies in public buildings, WP leader of Communication, set up of communication strategy for shallow geothermal energy and GeoCamb outputs.

Roll-out of Deep Geothermal Energy in NWE

EU Interreg NEW, 2018-2022
Roles: WP1 leader of Mapping and Networking activities, Transborder collaboration with France, Germany, Netherlands, Dinantian top and thickness mapping, market evaluation, legal framework, heat surface demand mapping, user friendly webtool development, responsible of the Walloon seismic surveys in the WP2 (Exploration), seismic data reprocessing, environmental impacts for DGE, communication towards regional and national policy makers.

Research Network for Including Geothermal Technologies into Decarbonized Heating and Cooling Grids

EU COST Action, CA18219, 2019-2023
Role: participant

Managing Urban Shallow geothermal Energy

GeoERA EU H2020, 2018-2021
Roles: partner, Brussels case study fieldwork (geophysics, monitoring, T&T interferences modelisation), geothermal potential mapping, regulatory framework, methodologies, strategies, communication.

Towards better exploitation of the geothermal energy potential in Brussels

ERDF and Brussels region, 2016-2023
Roles: Work Package leader of Geothermal exploration of Brussels underground (drilling, TRT, logging, pumping test..), thermal properties evaluation, geothermal potential mapping, Brugeotool development, communication, education.

Determination of the potential of shallow geothermal energy (less than 500m) for heat and cold production in Wallonia

PSW Public Service of Wallonia, Energy department, 2020-2021
Role: mapping methodology and datasets for closed systems, recommendations.

Assessment of Low Carbon Society Policy Instruments

BRAIN-be, 2014-2017
Role: partner. Geo-Economic modelling, evaluation of potential policy measures for geothermal sector in Belgium.

Thermal characterization of Belgian subsoil for optimising geothermal application

Federal funding, 2013-2014
Role: coordinator, measurements of thermal properties and mineralogy analyses of rock cores samples from the RBINS collections.

Mapping the EU very shallow geothermal potential (<10m)

EU ICT-PSP, 2009-2014
Role: Partner, very shallow geothermal potential mapping for the Belgian test areas (Liège and Gent)

Deep geothermal potential assessment in Wallonia

SPW DG04, 2010-2011
Roles: Deep drillings reinterpretation, deep geological structure of the Walloon underground, mapping activities: medium and deep geothermal interest zones in Wallonia, geothermometry analysis in Liege area, Belgian seismic data re-interpretation (Liege, Famenne, Hainaut surveys).

Communication and Dissemination

Presentation at the European Shallow Geothermal Days: Why and how does Shallow Geothermal Energy work at Brussels?