Michiel Dusar

Senior Geologist


Michiel Dusar is – since 2015 – retired from a position as statutory senior geologist at the Geological Survey of Belgium. He has been Head (a.i.) of the Geological Survey of Belgium, lecturer in geology and ecology at the Faculty of Architecture & Arts of University of Hasselt, past President, secretary or editor of Geologica Belgica and Société belge de Géologie.

Michiel Dusar has 50 years of experience in the regional geology of Belgium, in different regions, moving up and down along the entire stratigraphical scale, using different disciplines, mostly for applied purposes. Key fields of expertise were/are geo-energy exploration, karst reservoirs, Devonian to Cretaceous stratigraphy, natural building stones, geodiversity and geoparks.

Currently he continues to improve and complete different collections and databases managed by the Geo-collections Conservator (Belgian rock conservatory, building stones collection, GeoDoc database, monument database, bibliographic database on the geology of Belgium). He continues to advice on the preservation and restauration of the built heritage of Belgium.

Outside Belgium he has worked on cooperation projects in China, Indonesia, Lesotho and Vietnam.

He continues to cooperate to the mission of the GSB as a scientific collaborator.

Research interests