Marleen De Ceukelaire

Senior Geologist
Conservator Geology Collections

            +32 2 788 7637


Marleen De Ceukelaire started her career as a geologist at the Ghent University with several hydrogeological projects. After ten years of tertiary geological mapping of Flanders, she switched to the development of the Subsurface Flanders Database on behalf of the Flemish Government. Since 2003, she is working at the GSB as a data manager. Meanwhile, the inventory and research of tertiary building blocks at the Belgian Geological Service was also a part of the job. Since 2012, she is conservator of the geology collections of the RBINS, let’s say the collections of the GSB.


Tertiary geology of Belgium, Belgian marbles

Research group

Research interests

  • Natural building stones
  • Geology collections
  • History of geological survey

Key publications

De Ceukelaire M., Doperé F., Dreesen R., Dusar M., Groessens E., Boulvain F., Coen-Aubert M., Tourneur F. & Peltier F., 2014. Belgisch marmer. Academia Press, vol. p. 292 p.

De Ceukelaire M., Doperé F., Dreesen R., Dusar M., Janssens H., Tourneur F., Peltier F., Barbier J. & Van de gehuchte E., 2017. De abdij van Averbode, een verhaal van steen en marmer. Uitgeverij Averbode / Erasme, vol. p. 187 p.

Cnudde V., Dewanckele J., De Ceukelaire M., Everaert G., Jacobs P. & Laleman M., 2009. Gent… Steengoed! Academia Press, vol. p. 412 p.