Marina Cabidoche

Mineralogy & GeoEnergy



Marina Cabidoche obtained her geological engineering degree, mining and career specialty, in 2015 at UniLasalle (France).

Since then, her field training and laboratory skills have enabled her to work in the field of the mineral industry (sand quarry for industry) and research.

As part of research, she spent 2 years at BRGM in French Guiana where she participated in projects on mineral resources. To name few examples, she has conducted research projects on the geotechnical characterization of 6 lithologies in Papaïchton-Maripasoula (French Guiana) area and she participated in the in situ test of a new prospecting method for alluvial gold deposits.

She has also contributed to water prospecting projects for human consumption and on understanding the dynamics of the coastline with the mineralogical study of beach sands.

She integrated the Geological Survey of Belgium in August 2020, where she participates in the geological characterization of the Havelange borehole demo-site for the MEET project and in the team of research of the ROBOMINERS project for the development of geophysical techniques for deep mining and robotic autonomous exploration.

Research groups

Research interests

  • Mineral resources
  • Ore Geology
  • Mining exploration
  • Regional Geology
  • Geothermal energy


Raw materials, mineral industry, SIG, Quality standard (ISO 9001, laboratory standard, CE and NF aggregate)

Key publications

Gagnaison, C., Cabidoche, M., Riera, R., Dechamps, M. & Gagnaison, J.C., 2020. Contexte géologique des sables continentaux de l’orléanien inférieur du bassin sédimentaire de Savigné-sur-Lathan/Noyant-sous-le-Lude (Anjou-Touraine, France) / The geological context of the lower orleanian continental sands from the Savigné-sur-Lathan/Noyant-sous-le-Lude basin (Anjou-Touraine, France). Bull. Inf. Géol. Bass. Paris 57, 3-15, link to the publication

Cabidoche, M., Aertgeerts, G. & Brisset, N., 2019. Caractérisation géotechnique de six lithologies du secteur Papaïchton- Maripasoula (Guyane française) : applications possibles pour le secteur du BTP. Rapport final.

Aertgeerts, G., Cabidoche, M., Fournier, E., Wailly, E., Brisset, N., Joseph, B., Bourbon, P., Brouard, T., Champion, M. & Plat, S., 2019. La prospection de l’or alluvionnaire à la sondeuse légère – tests in situ et étude de cas en Guyane Française.


Multidisciplinary and multi-context demonstration of Enhanced Geothermal Systems exploration and Exploitation Techniques and potentials

EU H2020, 2018-2022
Role: collaborator

Resilient Bio-inspired Modular Robotic Miners

EU H2020, 2019-2023
Role: collaborator