Geoscience, Policy and Society event

Geological surveys got together to exchange views on important matters

Between 7 and 14 June 2021, the Geoscience, Policy, and Society (GPS) 2021 event took place online. The event aimed to discuss the crucial role of the subsurface and its resources in the transition of our society with focus on renewable energy, sustainable use of resources, and low-climate impact. The Geological Survey of Belgium led its organisation and counted with the cooperation of the geological surveys of France (BRGM), Austria (GBA), United States of America (USGS) and Europe (EuroGeoSurveys). All these institutions have been engaged in providing the needed science for improved sustainable subsurface management and policy.

The GPS 2021 event addressed policy makers, regulators, interest groups, geoscientists and representatives from industry and the research community dealing with the multiple uses and management of underground resources. The event also welcomed people with a broad interest in geoscience or any of the specific topics presented to join the discussions through sessions tailored to a broader public.

Each day of the main event focused on a different aspect of geoscience-related subsurface use, management, planning, and policy, comparing and learning from innovative science and experiences of both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Side sessions complemented these discussions by addressing more specific topics, which was the case of the GeoConnect³d session.

The GPS event welcomed 231 participants of 42 different countries, of which 212 attended multiple sessions throughout the week. The majority of the public attracted by the different sessions of the event came from geological surveys (46%) and universities (20%), but there was a significant interest from the private sector (14%), governmental institutions (7%) and research centers (7%). Most of the material presented during the event is available for consultation and download here.