Conclusion of the GeoERA research programme

Establishing the European Geological Surveys Research Area

45 national and regional Geological Survey Organisations (GSOs) from 32 European countries have joined forces in the ERA-NET Co-Fund Action Establishing the European Geological Surveys Research Area to deliver a Geological Service for Europe (GeoERA). The main objective of GeoERA was to contribute to the optimal use and management of the subsurface.

In 2018, 15 research projects started to develop and support 1) a more integrated and efficient management and 2) more responsible and publicly accepted, exploitation and use of the subsurface. The projects covered the applied geosciences, addressing the themes of Geo-Energy, Raw Materials, Groundwater and Information Platform.

Involvement of the Geological Survey of Belgium

The GSB was involved in 6 of these projects:

Cross-border, cross-thematic multiscale framework for combining geological models and data for resource appraisal and policy support
Hazard and Impact Knowledge for Europe
Managing Urban Shallow geothermal Energy
Forecasting and Assessing Europe’s Strategic Raw Materials needs
Mineral Intelligence for Europe
GeoERA Information Platform

Next steps

The GeoERA projects have ended in October 2021, and the research programme officially ends in December 2021.

A concluding conference will be held to showcase the achievements and discuss the impacts this degree of pan-European collaboration by national scientific institutes can have on political, scientific and social levels, and how geoscientific knowledge and data can contribute towards the goals of the European Green Deal. This event is being organised in the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels, and more information can be found here.