Renata Barros

Senior Geologist
Geochemistry & Geodata

                            +32 2 788 7617


Why is geology essential in the transition to a more sustainable future, and how can we do a better job at explaining the importance of geological knowledge to society? These are the main questions guiding my research.

During my PhD in University College Dublin (Ireland), I studied pegmatites as resources of lithium and other critical metals that are used in batteries and other clean energy technologies in development.

Since joining the Geological Survey of Belgium in 2019, I coordinated the GeoConnect³d project (finalised in 2021), investigating different subsurface uses related to geo-energy in order to develop an online tool displaying geological information for policy support and subsurface management in Europe. Currently, as part of the LIBS-SCReeN project, I am contributing to the optimisation and application of Laser-induced break-down Spectroscopy (LIBS) techniques for multiscale detection and characterisation of critical raw materials.

Research groups

Research interests

  • Ore Geology
  • Geochemistry
  • Subsurface Management
  • Energy Transition
  • Regional Geology


Science communication, geochemical modelling, petrology, GIS

Key publications

Barros, R., Kaeter, D., Menuge, J.F., Fegan, T. & Harrop, J., 2022. Rare Element Enrichment in Lithium Pegmatite Exomorphic Halos and Implications for Exploration: Evidence from the Leinster Albite-Spodumene Pegmatite Belt, Southeast Ireland. Minerals, 12, 981.

Barros, R., Defourny, A., Collignon, A., Jobe, P., Dassargues, A., Piessens, K. & Welkenhuysen, K., 2020. A review of the geology and origin of CO2 in mineral water springs in east Belgium. Geologica Belgica, 24/1-2, 17-31.

Barros, R., Kaeter, D., Menuge, J.F. & Škoda, R., 2019. Controls on chemical evolution and rare element enrichment in crystallising albite-spodumene pegmatite and wallrocks: Constraints from mineral chemistry. Lithos, 352-353, 105289.

Barros, R. & Menuge, J.F., 2016. The Origin of Spodumene Pegmatites Associated With the Leinster Granite In Southeast Ireland. Canadian Mineralogist, 54, 847-862.

Kaeter, D., Barros, R. & Menuge, J.F., 2020. Metasomatic High Field Strength Element, Tin, and Base Metal Enrichment Processes in Lithium Pegmatites from Southeast Ireland. Economic Geology (online)

Kaeter, D., Barros, R., Menuge, J.F. & Chew, D.M., 2018. The magmatic–hydrothermal transition in rare-element pegmatites from southeast Ireland: LA-ICP-MS chemical mapping of muscovite and columbite–tantalite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 240, 98-130.


Screening Critical Raw Materials from Exploration to (post)Beneficiation using New LIBS techniques

BELSPO BRAIN-be 2.0, 2020-2024
Role: project coordinator

Cross-Atlantic geoscience-to-policy symposium on subsurface management and subsurface spatial planning

BELSPO, 2021-2022
Role: collaborator

Cross-border, cross-thematic multiscale framework for combining geological models and data for resource appraisal and policy support

EU H2020, 2018-2021
Role: project coordinator and work package leader (WP3 Roer-to-Rhine)

Forecasting and Assessing Europe’s Strategic Raw Materials needs

EU H2020, 2018-2021
Role: collaborator contributing to the geochemical characterisation of phosphate deposits in Europe

Communication and Dissemination

Science Figured Out video presenting GeoConnect³d research (April 2022)

Presentation of the GeoConnect³d project at the EGU conference (April 2021)

Presentation of the GeoConnect³d project at the GeoERA Webinar Series (November 2020)

Introduction to the Couch of Science episode 12 (December 2020): are plastic dinosaurs made of real dinosaurs?

Invited contribution to the European Federation of Geologists’ GeoBlog (June 2020)