Frieda Bogemans

Frieda Bogemans

Senior Geologist
Quaternary Geology

                +32 2 788 76 46


Started her career at the Geological Survey of Belgium but very soon she went to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) where she continued her studies in the Quaternary geology and stayed till the first decennium of 2000. Before her return to the BGD in 2011 she worked a few years in a multidisciplinary team that carried out geo-archaeological surveys in several alluvial areas in the Lower Scheldt Basin in the run-up of tidal restoration and nature development in these areas (SIGMA plan). Since 2011 she worked on the projects “Updating the Quaternary database  of the Geological Survey of Belgium”, the IUAP project phase VII in Iran and currently she is responsible for the geological input in the CRA project of the University of Ghent “High Tide, low tide”.  Services to third parties (short and long running ones) are always been and are still part of her activities.   

She is the author of around one third of the Quaternary geological maps of the Flemish Region, scale 1/50 000 and of the Quaternary geological map of the Flemish Region, scale 1/200 000.

She is President of the Subcommission of Quaternary Lithostratigraphy.

Research group

Research interests

  • Sedimentology in particular the reconstruction of depositional sedimentary environments Interaction climate change and depositional sedimentary environment
  • Quaternary stratigraphy
  • Quaternary geology in environmental management and land-use planning


Quaternary geology of Belgium and quaternary studies abroad (i.a. Iran, China, Greece), reconstruction of depositional sedimentary environments (continental and marine), Quaternary mapping (traditional mapping, profile type mapping, paleogeographic mapping, geo-technical mapping), fieldwork and core descriptions.

Key publications

Baeteman, C. & Bogemans, F. (2019): In Search of a Harbour in the Past Landscapes of Tell Tweini. Identification of Sedimentary Environments in Support of an Archaeological  Issue. In J. Bretschneider & G. Jans (eds), About Tell Tweini (Syria): Artefacts, Ecofacts and Landscape, ISBN 978-90-429-3678-2.

Bogemans, F., Janssens, R., Baeteman, C. (2018): An investigation of changing river courses during the Holocene in the Lower Khuzestan plain (SW Iran) : a contribution to archaeological and historical studies. Akkadica, 139, 179 -197.

Bogemans, F., Janssens, R., Baeteman, C. (2017) Depositional evolution of the Lower Khuzestan plain (SW Iran) since the end of the Late Pleistocene. Quaternary Science Reviews, 171, 154-165.

Beerten, K,  Heyvaert, V.M.A, Vandenberghe, D.A.G.,  Van Nieuland, J & Bogemans, F. (2017) Revising the Gent Formation: a new lithostratigraphy for Quaternary wind-dominated sand deposits in Belgium. Geologica Belgica, 20, 95-102.

Bogemans, F.,  Boudin, M., Janssens, R., Baeteman, C. (2016) New data on the sedimentary processes and timing of the initial inundation of Lower Khuzestan (SW Iran) by the Persian Gulf. The Holocene, Published online before print October 3, 2016, doi: 10.1177/0959683616670224, 2017, vol 27, 613-620.

Bogemans, F., Roe, H.M.,  Cecile Baeteman, C. (2016) Incised Pleistocene valleys in the Western Belgium coastal plain: age, origins and implications for the evolution of the Southern North Sea Basin, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 456, 46–59

Bogemans, F. & Baeteman, C. (2014) A lithofacies classification as a tool in the reconstruction of the Pleistocene depositional environments in the Western Coastal Plain (Belgium). Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Belgium, 61, 34 p.

Bogemans, F., Meylemans, E., Jacops, J., Perdaen, Y., Storme, A., Verdurmen, I., Deforce, K., 2012. The evolution of the sedimentary environment in the lower River Scheldt valley (Belgium) during the last 13,000 a BP. Geologica Belgica, 15, 105-112.

Meylemans, E., Bogemans, F., Jacops, J., Storme, A., Perdaen, Y, Verdurmen, I., Deforce, K., 2012. Lateglacial and Holocene fluvial dynamics in the Lower Scheldt basin (N-Belgium) and their impact on the presence, detection and preservation potential of the archaeological record. Quaternary International, 308-309, 148-161.

Bogemans, F. & Vandenberghe, D.,  2011. OSL dating of an inland dune along the lower River Scheldt near Aard (East Flanders, Belgium). Netherlands Journal of Geosciences — Geologie en Mijnbouw, 90, 23 – 29.