Camille Baudinet

Geophysics & Geothermal Energy



Originally from Brussels, I started to travel the world at the age of 18. One year in Canada, three years in Namur, a few months in Peru and Bolivia and then 2 years in Liège. From this last destination, my travels vibrated according to the geophysics and its active seismic. Missions and travels in Romania, Switzerland, China and Kyrgyzstan under the supervision of Prof. Havenith of the University of Liège. Many hammer blows and memories. A trip to Asia is supposed to mark the end of the studies, but this one is quickly caught up with a confined reality. Finally, it allows me to launch myself into the world of work, and start as a research assistant in geophysics at the ULiège, with the familiar Geohazards and Environment team. I am very pleased to deepen my training in geophysics. In spring 2021, it  is with great pleasure that I joined the SGB team as a research assistant in geothermal energy. I’m looking forward to expand my knowledge and contribute to the transition to climate and environmentally friendly energy resources.

Research group

Research interests

  • Geophysics
  • Climate and environmentally friendly energy resource
  • Geothermal energy


Seismics, Seismic refraction, Electrical Tomography


Evaluation of Cambrian Geothermal potential with focus on Public buildings

BELSPO BRAIN-be 2.0 project, 2019-2024
Role: collaborator.

Roll-out of Deep Geothermal Energy in NWE

EU Interreg project, 2018-2022
Role: facilitate the use of deep geothermal energy as climate friendly energy resource to reduce CO2 emissions and to protect the environment in North-West Europe. Two 25 km long seismic profiles will cross Wallonia in order to increase our knowledge and facilitate the use of deep geothermal energy to reduce CO2 I will provide the necessary assistance and monitor the company that will be hired to carry out the work.

Determination of the potential of shallow geothermal energy (less than 500m) for heat and cold production in Wallonia

I process the collected data from closed-loop geothermal heat pumps and organise a methodology to map the potential of shallow geothermy.  I’m also involved in the writing of the proposal of a concrete action plan to promote the sustainable development of this sector in Wallonia.